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Date Favorited
by Strial
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Edensonic release 22 Strial Constellations 2. Information to be updated...
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Topics: edensonic 22, Strial, constellations 2, techno, netlabel
On-Mix Music
by Zero V
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Mixing drones and soundscapes, Zero V creates a number of siren songs on Fluidity that shimmer like light reflected on the water’s surface. The minimalist musician has gained some attention with the piece “Stones”; featured here, it reveals the unhurried and unfolding nature of Zero V’s melodies. The opening “Fluidity” is the musical equivalent of a meditation session, it’s initially lovely, yet the soothing arrangement saps the piece of its spellbinding effect before long. The...
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Topics: ambient, IDM, Trip-hop, Drone, Soundscapes, Score, Zero V, Fluidity, ON-Mix Media, Ketelhaven, The...
Source: mp3
Note: "nice atmo track03" (edit)
Clinical Archives
by Dharmatec
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An ethereal energy invites you to dance and enjoy, inside a sea of beats blending electronic music and melodies, Sol whispering, screaming, singing, Leo playing sound effects between machines and synthesizers. Dharmatec presents this single that surprises and agitates, that emerge from unexpected places. Dharmatec was born in June 2008 when singer and composer Sol Taranto, after recording solo material, embarked on a new project with musician and composer Leonardo Canizzo. Even though she...
Topics: electronic, psytrance, experimental
Source: Clinical Archives
Note: "track 01 and 02 (dance)" (edit)
by Dudymas
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Sorta a thing for God... I mean, He's so far the only fellow to make the title true for me, but I welcome you to reinterpret this song as you like... I recorded and tried to get myself a vocal track going on this and a couple other songs, but it never worked out. Ack. Either way, this is a long term song... took me a month or so of work to really get it hammered out, and the bassline that you hear first is sorta one of the most tedious synth creation jobs I've done since my song "Chemical...
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Topic: Electronic
Note: "[listen, nodance]" (edit)
Far From Showbiz
by Elektrobi
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It's a collection of songs very different in their "energetic" and "atmospheric" way. One time it's more experimental and one time it's more melodic and rhythmic. Elektrobi tries to find his own sound on this album and his way to personalize his music. Arrangement is the problem which he struggles with on this album - what's the result of this struggle? Check it out!
Topic: Electronic
Note: "partially nice tunes, track1 rocks [rhythm,nodance]" (edit)
OpenLab Records
by Kernel32
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"There are some things that my friends have done for me in the past.. not huge favours or anything, just said somethin or done something nice for me and i always look back and remember it. that's where the title comes from. This album might be dedicated to my friends... there are tracks on it that mean different things to me. The period i wrote the album in was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, some days i'd be a bit depressed and fragile, some days i'd be happy. So thats where the...
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Topic: Electronic
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In the form of a Valentine's Day gift to all from Russian idm maestro Sleepy Town Manufacture , which Monotonik has sneakily re-packaged and re-gifted to the entire world, we're proud to present 'For You & For Me', an entire double album picking some of the best from STM's unreleased output from 1999 to 2002, with a number of tracks specially updated and remastered for this compilation. Sleepy Town, formerly a duo/trio, and now down to a single member, are particularly known for their...
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Topics: IDM, Electronic